How to Identify Hot and Not-So-Ho Hot Slot Machines


While you play a slot machine, you might be tempted to pay attention to the gimmicks on the screen. While patterns in the pay window don’t indicate that the next pay line will be hit, they can be indicative of the need for a repair. The “wiggling” of the reels can also be an indication of a faulty slot machine. The physical reels are actually nothing more than display mechanisms that communicate with the player’s computer’s RNG results.

Many players believe that the slot machine attendants will know which machines are hot and which are not. Many times, players will tip the slot attendants to help them identify hot machines. However, the truth is that the slot payouts are random and you will have the same chance of hitting the jackpot no matter what the attendant tells you. The best way to tell which machines are hot and which ones are not is to pay close attention to the payout frequency. This way, you can easily adjust the odds for your play.

Modern slots have many features that make them attractive to players. Wild symbols can act as substitutes and even include a multiplier function. Some slots also feature sticky wilds that remain in place while the reels spin freely. Bonus modes are also common in modern slot machines. Bonus symbols trigger bonus modes in which players can play for free. Alternatively, players may be rewarded for matching more than three bonus symbols. These additional features can increase the winnings significantly.