What is a Slot?


The term slot is a noun, dating back to 1747, that means to cut or provide a slot. It came into common use in the 18th century to mean “drop a coin in.” Its later senses, “take a position in a slot” and “fit something into a slot,” are now obsolete. The slot is also the name for the area in the offensive zone between the two face-off circles.

The term slot refers to an opening in a machine, often a wide, flat wooden slat. It is also an aperture or perforation used for receiving pieces and sliding them in. This word has many other uses, from coin slot to deer track. In hunting, a bloodhound will follow the slot of a wounded deer. It helps to extract information from the data. In modern games, players can choose to play slots with a single coin or a set of coins.

To map different value types to a specific slot, you can use regular expressions. For example, if the user wants to make a call, the regex pattern can match flight codes and numbers. The same thing holds true for other types of utterances. You can also use regular expressions to map phrases to a certain type of slot. Then, your bot can be taught to match phrases to the appropriate slot type. That way, it can be taught to match different types of text and understand what the user wants to say.