Kalahkan Kroasia, Prancis Menjadi Juara Piala Dunia 2018


France celebrated the success of becoming World Cup champion 2018 after defeating Croatia in the final match at Luzhniki Stadium, July 15, 2018.

Luzhniki – Croatia’s national team must finally be proud to occupy the runner-up position or second position in the 2018 World Cup in Russia. Croatia were crushed by France 4-2 in a 2018 World Cup final held at the Russian Luzhniki Stadium on Sunday (15/07/2018) local time. France earned the last world cup title in 1998, and then repeat their success at the 2018 World Cup this time.

The 2018 World Cup final was a very exciting start, both teams trying to attack each other in the early minutes of the game. In the 4th minute Croatia got a golden opportunity but a shot from Luka Modric masi could not break the goal from the French goalkeeper (Hugo Lloris).

The first goal in the first half was created by an own goal made by Croatian Mario Mandzukic, a goal created in the 18th minute that started from a free kick by Antoine Griezmann who then hit the head of Mario Mandzukic who was trying to block the ball, ball into the Croatian goalkeeper. Goal is considered as an own goal created by Mario Mandzukic.

Without having to wait long the Croatian team finally managed to equalize in the 29th minute, a goal created from Ivan Perisic who get feedback from Domagoj Vida, Perisic directly kicked the ball hard on his left foot, and managed to tear goalkeeper Hugo Lloris.

Toward the 34th minute of misfortune again haunt Croatian national team, Ivan Perisic accidentally handball in the penalty box, and it made the referee give penalties to the French national team. The penalty driver is Antoine Griezmann, without a doubt he immediately shot the ball to the left of goalkeeper Danijel Subasic and scored a goal for France.

The first half result ended with a 2-1 advantage over Croatia.

The second half started with a Croatian strike, Luka Modric et al did a quick game in order to equalize in the second half, while the Frenchman maneuvered from an attacking position into a defensive post early in the second half.

With the onslaught of attacks by the Croatian national team made Croatia’s defense even more open. By exploiting the counter from the Croatian attack, the French re-opened a golden opportunity in the 59th minute and the opportunity was put to good use by Paul Pogba. Paul Pogba managed to break down the Croatian goalkeeper again after receiving feedback from Antoine Griezmann.

Croatia is seen starting to lose spirit finally returned conceded in the 65th minute in print by Kylian Mbappe. Score 4-1 to make the spirit of the Croatian national team more destroyed in the game.

Through luck finally Croatian managed to score a goal against Hugo Lloris back, created in the 69th minute goal by Mario Mandzukic, the lucky goal occurred because Hugo Lloris who intend to outwit Mandzukic but failed and the ball successfully entered by Mandzukic into the net.

Until the end of the second half there are no recovered goals, the result Croatia should be happy to sit in second place world cup 2018 and make France should be happy with successfully received the world cup title for the second time.